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Hey, I’m Marc.

I’m building safer, healthier online spaces.

I’m a PhD student working with machine learning to tackle a host of cybersecurity-related issues including fraud and misinformation prevention.

My primary research interests are in Machine Learning, Usable Security, and Human-Computer Interaction. Outside of work I’m a FLOSS advocate, reader, and runner.

Working With

I keep an up to date list of the software, hardware, and other tools I work with on my ‘uses’ page. Currently I’m working with:

Selected Posts

This site covers a range of topics but I primarily focus on finding better ways to interact with technology, discuss interesting research in the field, and ways of being more productive with simple tooling.

Why not get started some some of my favourites:

Why I Still Use RSS
Making the case for why RSS offers a compelling alternative in an age of notification bells, dings, and chimes.
The Value of a Personal Site
The personal site as a source of endless experimentation, development, and creativity.
The Pitfalls of Media Literacy
In an information age, educating users on media literacy is vital, but what risks might it pose?
The Mistake of a New Laptop
Rejecting the cutting-edge and looking backwards to finding the perfect laptop.

Recent Posts

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