Hey, I’m Marc. I’m working on building better, healthier online spaces.

RSS advocate. Coffee drinker. Font enthuser.

Current Interests:

Disinformation Solutions

Disinformation campaigns are ever evolving and so too are the tools used to fight back. I explore existing and novel approaches to tackling disinformation by critically dissecting current implementations and proposing potential next steps.

Ethical Content Moderation

Moderating online discussion is a complex issue given that excessive censorship can lead to users feeling policed while inaction can result in harmful content reaching a wide audience. I focus on exploring alternative approaches that allow for open and free discussion without unnecessary interference.

Improving Media Literacy

By teaching critical thinking and analytical skills, both from a young age and into adulthood, I believe we can work towards a society better equipped to process the continual streams of information presented to them online and in daily life.

Emerging Technologies

Technology is an ever changing field. As such I monitor for novel platforms and systems at various stages of development, discussing where these new approaches may take us and the wider impacts they might have.


Previously I’ve…


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