A collection of some of my previous work. I generally aim to experiment with a wide variety of fields and technologies from Assembly to React.

Selected Work

Generated using a set of custom Bash scripts, is intended to be a lightweight hub for my work going forward; a place for sharing blog posts on aspects of Technology and Computing-Science that interest and inspire me.

The scripts used to generate this site handles:

Built with: Bash

Previously built with: GatsbyJS


Sift aims to be a refresh of RSS readers for Android. By making extensive use of modern platform features, users receive an experience that is not only seamless but integrates neatly with other apps and system components.

A simple, intuitive design language helps introduce new users to RSS while not getting in the way of those that want to simply check their latest feed items and get back on task.

Built with: Kotlin


Avant is a randomised dungeon-crawler combat game written entirely in 16-bit x86 Assembly Language for MS-DOS. The general premise of the game sees the player explore a randomly generated dungeon in a quest to find the Sword of Destiny while fighting monsters along the way.

A focus on historical accuracy was placed on the project, resulting in the game being fully compatible with period display-adapters (Hercules, CGA, EGA, and VGA) along with strict hardware limitations of the time. This lead to a finished product that, despite featuring a complex combat system, numerous enemy types and a range of in-game environments, all fits within a single COM file segment of 64KB.

Built with: x86 Assembly Language

Smaller Projects

Just Study

A minimal, clean, and intuitive study timer to help keep you on task. It's as simple as that.

Built with: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Find it on GitHub or try it for yourself

Just Type

Just Type is an instant scratchpad in your browser that handles basic formatting for you so you can start getting to work as fast as possible.

Find it on GitHub or try it for yourself.

Built with: HTML & CSS

Notes Gen

Notes Gen is a bash script that handles converting Markdown files into professional and consistently high-quality LaTeX PDFs.

The script automatically fixes formatting errors that may produce incorrect documents by restructuring header spacing, removing repeated header text, trimming leading white-space, and other features resulting in consistent, high-quality output. All without editing the original file.

Find it on GitHub.

Built with: Bash

Other Work

A variety of other projects are also available on my GitHub.