September 2022 Links


Stepping outside your usual areas of interest and expertise is something I’ve always found to be rewarding. The ‘Links’ series showcases a few papers I’ve read each month that caught my interest, taught me something new, and will hopefully inspire you too.

This month I’ve been thinking about productivity and how the practices that are so ingrained in our working lives tend to fade into the background. I’ve got two papers here that examine some of the most common practices that myself, and I’m sure others, tend to perform when we’re working. Namely, working with music and viewing content at 2x speed.

The effect of music listening on work performance

Many, myself included, choose to listen to music while we work. It’s such a ingrained practice that I never considered whether it might actually serve as a distraction. This paper examines that idea and finds that working with music can actually improve the quality of work however working without music may allow you to focus on the task for longer.

Authors: Teresa Lesiuk

DOI: 10.1177/0305735605050650

Open Access: No

Link to paper.

Learning in double time: The effect of lecture video speed on immediate and delayed comprehension

I’m gauranteed to click the option to watch content at double speed if it’s available but I’d never considered if I might be missing something out than if I watched it as intended. This paper examines the impact that viewing content at faster speeds has on comprehension and finds that, up until 2x, comprehension remains the same as that of 1x or lower. The authors also note that watching content at 2x may an effective study strategy when used as part of a broader learning program.

Authors: Dillon H. Murphy, Kara M. Hoover, Karina Agadzhanyan, Jesse C. Kuehn, Alan D. Castel

DOI: 10.1002/acp.3899

Open Access: Yes

Link to paper.