Hey, I'm Marc.

I'm building safer, healthier online spaces.

I'm a PhD student working on Machine Learning and Usable Security. I focus on using natural language processing to counter fraud and deception online. So far I've written 62 articles spanning some 41,772 words covering digital minimalism, ethical technology, and doing more with simple tooling. You can get started with my newest post here.

Selected Posts

Why I Still Use RSS

In an age of constant notification bells and dings, RSS offers a compelling alternative. My most popular post; read by over 30,000 people and featured on Coder Radio and a recommended resource of the University of Minnesota Duluth.

What Shapes Ethical AI Research?

As AIs dominance continues to grow, how do we ensure that those at the forefront build ethical and responsible AI systems?

TikTok and the Future of Social Media

What exactly happens when a platform is engineered from the ground up to give the users what they want?


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Highlighted Projects


Randomly-generated dungeon-crawler for MS-DOS. Fight creatures and monsters on the quest for the Sword of Destiny.

Built with x86 Assembly Language

Deep Breath

Web-extension leveraging AI to detect clickbait and sensationalist content. Receive tailored advice on fact-checking and preventing misinformation.

Built with Python, TensorFlow, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript


A modern refresh for Android RSS readers. Utilises extensive multi-threading to concurrently hundreds of feeds at once.

Built with Kotlin

Find Papers

Search dozens of academic sources right from one input box. Try it here or view source.

Built with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Cyber Kids

Cyber-education platform for school-aged children. Learn about good security practices through games and quizzes.

Built with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and SQL